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Thousands of Grundfos pumps operate the automotive industry across the globe and we have the right pump for your application as well. Our customised solutions are built in close cooperation between you and our automotive experts, so they match your needs perfectly.

Our global competence centres are manned by specialists who are ready to assist you in any development or service process. We go wherever our customers go, and offer assistance and guidance in the language of your choice.

We are committed to increasing energy efficiency and lowering operating costs for our customers, and we have the knowledge, tools and products to optimise your energy consumption too.

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The Knowledge Link keeps you up to date with industry news, case stories and events, and gives you access to the design tool, technical library and information about applications and products as well.

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In automotive applications, pumps do not operate in isolation, and the key to maximum efficiency and top performance is to optimise the whole system along with the pump.

Grundfos iSOLUTIONS is a holistic systems approach where advanced application-specific functionality and features makes it possible to obtain optimal performance, total energy efficiency, and ultimate reliability.

Grundfos iSOLUTIONS is all about getting the best solution for the task at hand.

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Pump solutions for automotive industry

Pump solutions for automotive industry

Are you looking for a pump supplier who understands the importance of accuracy and reliability – and who is able to provide you with expert solutions for all your automotive applications?

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1.5 MB/12 pages - Date: 05/12

Mechanical shaft seals for pumps

Mechanical shaft seals for pumps

For most pumps a decisive element for the quality of the pump during its lifetime is a good and robust shaft seal. Grundfos has many years of experience with the development, ...

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7.2 MB/105 pages - Date: 07/09

The centrifigul pump

The centrifigul pump

[...] Our intention has been to write an introductory book that gives an overview of the hydraulic components in the pump and at the same time enables technicians to see how changes in construction and operation influence the pump performance.

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5.8 MB/128 pages

Pump handbook

Pump handbook

[…] Grundfos has developed the Pump handbook, which in a simple manner deals with various considerations when dimensioning pumps and pump systems. We have elaborated a handbook for engineers and technicians who work with design and installation of pumps and pump systems, ...

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17.7 MB/149 pages - Date:11/04

Controls guide

Controls guide

The demands for controls increase and are often requested on pumps, when it comes to optimum operation, high reliability and monitoring of data. Therefore, Grundfos has developed the Controls Guide, which gives in a simple manner an overview ...

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5.6 MB/112 pages - Date: 01/12

Precision and flexibility where it really matters

Precision and flexibility where it ...

Are you looking for a pump solution that is as reliable as it is efficient? Grundfos’ thoroughly tested range of pumps targeted at the machining industry is built on more than 60 years of experience within the pump business and specifically developed to operate flawlessly ...

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1.7 MB/16 pages - Date: 03/09


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