Asynchronous circulators


Reliability in every welding

An asynchronous circulator from Grundfos is built on more than 20 years of experience and tested extensively to ensure that all quality demands are exceeded. Choose from a complete range of highly reliable circulators for any HVAC application, including the World’s most successful circulator, Grundfos UPS.


Grundfos UPS

The UPS pumps constitute a complete range of maintenance-free, low noise, and low energy 3-speed circulator pumps. Perfect examples of the renowned Grundfos craftsmanship, the pumps are designed for reliable circulation of liquids in HVAC systems – a task they have been handling with great success for more than 20 years.

Benefits include:
• Low costs
• High reliability
• Long product lifetime

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Grundfos UPSO – the energy efficient OEM alternative for system integration

With Grundfos UPSO, we have improved the energy efficiency of the classic UPS platform. By redesigning the stators and upgrading the material, we have reduced energy consumption by 35%, without compromising the renowned UPS reliability in any way.

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Grundfos UPER & UPR - Electronic UP circulator with PWM Signal

Grundfos OEM UPER raises the bar for intelligent operation in an asynchronous circulator. With its integrated speed control, the performance can be adapted to the varying demands of the system, while ensuring a very low noise level. The PWM control signal enables precise power and speed control - from stand-by to maximum speed – and allows for remote system monitoring.

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Grundfos UPS Medium IMU

With our range of UPS Medium circulators, we upgrade the basic UPS Range to meet demands for increased flexibility and energy efficiency. While the redesigned housings will improve hydraulic efficiency, new motor technology will allow the range to achieve an EEI of only ???. The range is fit for all heating applications.

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Grundfos SOLAR UPS – Optimised for lower flow

Grundfos SOLAR UPS utilises LOW ENERGY B-class technology to reduce power consumption by up to 50% at low flow. Highly reliable, the SOLAR UPS is resistant to short temperature peaks of up to 140°C, condense water down to -10° C, system pressure up to 10 bar, and even higher pressure shocks.

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