Sustainability report 2016
sustainability is our business

Sustainability is our business

Sustainability is not a department or a report. To us it is a mindset, a way to do business. We push the boundaries of possibility in energy efficiency and water conservation. This way we reach our goal of bringing value to the world, to our clients, to our business and to our employees.

water is our passion

Water is our passion

Water is the foundation of our business and of our lives. Every day, we bring our expertise on water to our business and to our global commitments. The world is facing a global water crisis and our commitment is to be part of the solution.

Social responsibility is our business

Social responsibility is our commitment

Grundfos has a strong tradition of social responsibility with one simple aim: To make a positive difference. From pursuing a diverse work force in terms of gender, age and ethnicity, integrating marginalised groups into the labour market to including people with reduced work capacity, we aspire to go the extra mile. 

Global Change is our commitment

Ethics and integrity are our foundation

Nearly 75 years ago, our founder Poul Due Jensen said that our aim is to leave the world to the next generation in a better state than we inherited it. From that vision, he built a company based on integrity, principles, and individual and corporate responsibility. 



Follow our Water2Life project as it forges across continents, bringing water and saving lives. We are so proud of this employee-initiated and employee-driven project that spells real action and real results.


Our path to the SDGs

The world is facing a major water crisis and Grundfos
is committed to being part of the solution. We can and want to make a real difference by working with especially SDG 6 on clean water.  



We engage at all levels to make a positive difference. From the installation of a water pump in a dusty field in Africa and refugee camps to the speaker’s podium at the United Nations and the US Congress.