Sustainability report 2017

Sustainability is the core of our business. We target it in 4 main ways. 

Our goals and initiatives are split into the topics: Green at heart, passionate about water, responsible and ethics and integrity. These topics are derived based on existing environmental needs and societal trends, our values and mission and how we can contribute through our key business strengths.

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Our targets and the SDGs

Grundfos places an emphasis on SDG 6 (Clean water and sanitation) and SDG 13 (Climate action). We know that we have the ability to make a difference and work to alleviate global water challenges. 

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Sustainability is our business and the 4 pillars
green at heart sdg 13

Green at heart

We want to reduce our impact on resources, by incorporating energy efficiency into our product solutions and operations, making our product life cycle stages greener and reducing our environmental footprint.

Passionate about water

Passionate about water

Grundfos puts a focus on helping with the world’s water challenges. We aim to bring water to the world’s most vulnerable communities and do so by building valuable partnerships for water.

Responsible with SDG 8


We value our employees and focus on creating a diverse, inclusive and safe workplace. Our target areas are employee health and safety, the work environment, employee satisfaction, diversity and inclusion. We also want to raise the quality of life in local communities through employee projects.

Ethics and integrity and SDG 16

Ethics and integrity

We aspire to do things in the right way, no matter where we operate. Focusing on social contract issues, we hope to build a strong anti-corrupt company culture that respects human rights and operates through a sustainable supply chain.

Our sustainability stories

See how our employees gather for good causes and work to help local communities overcome environmental and social issues

Water clean up redirect

Activations to pick up trash occurred around the world to celebrate World Water Day, at green areas or water bodies in areas with Grundfos offices. Employees gathered to tackle water pollution in their local communities and concurrently raise awareness in their workplace.

Cape Town Redirect

Cape Town residents currently face one of the worst droughts in centuries. In a dire water situation, they are limited to a daily water usage of 50 litres. In conjunction with World Water Day, Grundfos offices shared information on how people could conserve water through their daily activities and the benefits of water conservation.



In this year's instalment of our employee-initiated community programme, our employees are helping to solve water needs of schools and hospitals in Honduras.

20150318 Grundfos 1005

Global engagement

Installing water pumps in water deprived communities, donating learning materials to needy children and helping people with disabilities to integrate into working societies.

We engage at all levels to make a positive difference in the world.  

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