Grundfos opens new centre for water technology

October 05, 2011

Competence centre marks new global focus

Access to clean tap water, the removal of rain water and the treatment of waste water are increasing challenges in more and more locations. The challenge is global and today Grundfos opens a global competence centre in Copenhagen. The centre will aim to gather know-how and develop new technologies that will bring the company in front when it comes to offering sustainable and innovative solutions to water problems in the world.

Among the best in the world

- It is really quite strange that something as natural as water can be a growing problem. But looking at this summer’s headlines, you realise that too little as well as too much water is a growing problem for large parts of the earth’s inhabitants. The climate is changing and we have decided to be part of the solution. In Grundfos we have already got technologies that can solve some of the challenges. With this new centre, we are preparing ourselves to become even better, said Søren Ø. Sørensen, Group Executive Vice President in Grundfos. He estimates the global potential within the area is up to 10 billion Euros a year.

Close to the market

The centre is located close to Copenhagen, in Brøndby. This location is no coincidence, said Mr Sørensen.

- We shall be closer to some of our big customers and some of the educational institutions with which we already have excellent cooperation. Also, we shall use the competence in our own company to be able to offer a wide range of new knowledge, technical assistance and the completion of projects, he explained.

The global centre employs about 25 staff including regional competence centres in Russia, France, the USA and the Middle East. In the longer view the competence centre will employ close on 150 staff worldwide.

Sustainable solutions

The world’s consumption of water is increasing. As population grows, the living standards and the pressure on water resources grow. At the same time, water treatment requires large amounts of energy. As the production of energy demands large amounts of water, the increasing demand for water and energy in the future will be a vicious circle, requiring intelligent, sustainable solutions.

- We have to think differently. We have to find new solutions that may improve the environment, procure clean water for as many people as possible while at the same time ensuring a sustainable business, said Mr Sørensen.

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