Grundfos’ expedition to educate Dealers & Installers across the region

September 10, 2018

Grundfos’ expedition to educate Dealers & Installers across the region

From technical seminars in Iraq for our dealers to the very popular ‘Installer championship’ competition, August marks Grundfos’ tour across the region with our technical experts and partners to educate our Dealers, sub-dealers and installers.

Grundfos tackles water issues in Yazd

Our tour of Iran this month took the Grundfos training team and its partner Abtin to Yazd, an ancient desert City on Iran’s central plateau with a long history of water shortages and water quality problems.

Held over two days, 11th and 12th August, the visit was designed to strengthen relationships with local pump dealers, sub-dealers and installers, and bring them up-to- Date with the latest developments and technological advancements in Grundfos’ world-Leading range of domestic pumps and accessories.

An enthusiastic audience of more than 50 local dealers, sub-dealers and installers were taken through a list of products, including the new SCALA2, as well as the MQ compact pressure booster for lifting water from deep wells, the self-priming JPC jet pump for external applications and the CMBE booster.

To round off the day, the Grundfos team staged a further round of the popular ‘Installer Championship’ which saw installers demonstrating their knowledge and skills in a hands-on challenge to dismantle and rebuild one of the Grundfos pumps featured during the day. The nail-biting finale saw three installers competing against each other in a time challenge to be voted ‘Best Installer’ in the local area.

Grundfos SQ goes down big in Iraq

Two Grundfos events in Iraq have left local dealers amazed at the outstanding features of a small, high-tech pump, that they claim could revolutionise the market and solve one of Iraq’s biggest challenges – its unstable power supply. 

The events, one in Erbil, involving dealers from both Erbil and Duhok, and a second in Sulaymaniyah, were attended by around 50 of the area’s top pump dealers and distributors, and were held to launch the latest Grundfos SQ submersible pump in this area of Iraqi Kurdistan.

The events took the form of technical seminars, during which the Grundfos team used a specially designed practical demonstration unit to highlight key features, such as dry run protection, the unit’s ability to operate over a wide voltage range, built-in overload and over-voltage protection and soft start capability.

Dealers were also able to see at first-hand how the multistage centrifugal pump could be installed and operated simply in a small borehole – providing a cost-effective and reliable solution for Iraq’s ground water extraction.

Grundfos launches new pumps in Jordan

Grundfos’ external product training event in August saw the company’s training specialists travel to Jordan for two days of back-to-back sessions to promote the company’s Domestic Building Services range and present three exciting new products to local Grundfos dealers and distributors.

The visit started on 6th August with a special training session for ten local distributor staff, designed to explain the benefits of the latest Grundfos pump developments, and give them the knowledge and confidence on the complete DBS product range to advise customers on the most appropriate pump for any domestic application.

The following day, the team got together with Sadara
Investment Company, Grundfos’ distribution partner in Jordan, for a special DBS
dealer event to launch three of the company’s top pump developments in the
domestic field.

 The new ALPHA2 pumps, which provide highly energy efficient solutions for home  heating and hot water systems, the high performing circulator can automatically  adapt to the optimal system setting through the Grundfos AUTOADAPT functionality, minimizing any need for manual adjustments.

The new MAGNA3 pumps, electronically controlled circulation pumps for domestic hot water and heating systems. And the new generation SCALA2 pressure booster, a one-size-fits-all intelligent pump unit that provides constant pressure in designed to provide constant water pressure in all domestic buildings up to 3-storeys in height.

Distributors watch Installers battle for glory in Lebanon

A launch presentation for two of Grundfos’ latest pump developments, provided the main focus at a special combined Distributor and Installer event at Beirut’s Movenpick Hotel on 9th August.  The event was organized by Grundfos in conjunction with local partner Jean-Claude Yared & FILS. 

A sell-out audience of around 80 of the  region’s leading installers and dealers were in attendance to hear presentations in English and Arabic from Grundfos sales and technical experts. Special demonstration units were used to highlight the features and benefits of  the two latest pump innovations - the groundbreaking Grundfos SCALA2 - a one-size-fits-all intelligent domestic pressure booster pump that promises  ‘perfect domestic water pressure in all taps at all times’ and the Grundfos ALPHA2 – the most energy efficient domestic circulator pump currently on the market.

Following the presentations, competition got fierce, as the focus moved to Grundfos’ Installer Championship, a Middle East-wide challenge to find the top hands-on local  installers.

Held over three rounds, the challenge started with the audience being invited to participate in an online quiz game, with pump-related questions specially designed by Grundfos to test contestants’ knowledge of pump technology and applications. 

The four top contestants were then  selected to take part in further hands-on time challenges, firstly assembling and then dismantling a Grundfos UPS pump, a popular circulator pump widely used on domestic water, cooling and hot-water systems, and then dismantling a Grundfos JPC booster, a single stage jet-pump used in domestic and garden applications.